Natu Photos

dedicated to raichub and PikaNapper

Natu wins awards for his game face alone
Contestants "AHH!! IT'S NATU!!! RUNAWAY!!!

Natu intimidates even a gyarados

when ever Natu flip a coin it lands straight up and down

Natu, can negotiate even with a angry Mewtwo

Natu can catch a Feebas on his first try

Natu has a rocket car? where did he get the money for that? I don't even have one. spoiled Natu

Sheriff Natu

Natu has a plane?

 photo corphish_zpspxzvbztk.png

The only thing more mysterious than a Natu is... nope I can't think of anything

a Psyduck's mind...
Psyduck: Hey Natu you look a little different.. did you do something to your beak?
Natu: psychicly rubbing his forehead

Natu: Hmmm a gecko in a European accent asking me to buy car insurance how odd...
(the Geico commercials)

Natu?........ O__O........


The pokemon I collect are  these in this Order

1 Dragonite
2 Dratini/Dragonair
3 Other Dragon types other than Dialga and Palkia
4 Blastoise
5 Blaziken
6 Darkrai
7 Lucario
8 Bisharp
9 Skymin 9.5 Landmin
10 Riolu
11 Lapres
12 Azelf
13 Wailord
14 Gyarados
15 Charizard
16 Pawniard 
17 Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan
18 Plush
19 Kids
20 Tomys

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* I accept PayPal only. I do not do holds unless you are committed to buying the item 100%
* I am not responsible for items once they are shipped out
* will likely do trades for things on my wants list
* granted sales permission on 20 DEC 2011 by entirelycliched

pokemon how to draw book 3$

Pokemon book 2$ belongs to info on the inside of the cover filled out

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oshawott 4$ for 1 only 1 for sale

mint Jacks Pachirisu plush 10$ (No Trades)

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